What is Rolfing?

Rolfing / Structural Integration is a proven method of bodywork that reorganizes the connective tissues, called fascia, throughout the body. Its effectiveness lies in Dr. Ida Rolf’s (creator of Rolfing) insight that the body functions most effectively when its supporting structure is balanced in gravity and is therefore most at ease.

What Can Rolfing Do For You?

By addressing imbalances in the body’s connective tissue matrix, also called the fascia, Rolfing makes permanent structural improvements that last beyond any given Structural Integration session. My clients feel their bodies becoming better balanced, centered, flexible, and energetic. Clients often “re-enlist” for a second series. Some choose to return periodically for my bodywork sessions to reinforce and deepen Rolfing’s therapeutic effect.

  • Ease of movement

  • Better Posture

  • Improved body Awarenes


  • Freedom from pain

  • Increased range of motion

  • Feeling of Balance

  • More energy


Meet debra

My name is Debra Duquette, and I am a licensed massage therapist and certified Rolfer™, a yoga practitioner, and a former dancer. I saw my body and life transformed by Rolfing, and was inspired by the experience to become a Rolfer™ myself.



Find out more about what service would best suite your needs. Feel the effects after only after 1 session! 

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"Debra is an intuitive and gifted structural integration therapist.  She made me feel really comfortable and is very professional.  I have had many treatments with her and have noticed lasting improvement in my body.  I am more than half way through the 10 series and I will surely finish it!"
- Delia Sewell N.D.
"I was introduced to Rolfing several years ago after I was injured in a car accident. I was getting chiropractic treatment and massages a few times a week without any real progress. After speaking with Debra and a little on line research, I decided to try a different approach and went through a 10-step series of Rolfing  sessions. I came away feeling more in tune to my overall posture, breath and body movement.  Although it would still take some time for my soft tissue injury to healI feel that Debra helped move my healing process forward. I continue to turn to Debra for lower back relief from too much time on the golf course and most recently  'frozen shoulder.'  Debra has been able to provide immediate relief for my frozen shoulder and my lower back issues are non- existent. Debra is thoughtful and caring and I would recommend her to anyone looking for pain relief or over all physical wellness.  
- Adrienne Andre