Meet Debra


Rose City Rolfing Founder Debra Duquette, Certified Rolfer™

 Licensed Massage Therapist LMT #15169

Rolfing changed my life.

I've been a dancer all my life and now practice yoga. Like many dancers, I tried Rolfing to see if it could help improve my flexibility and counteract some of the strain resulting from many years of pushing my body to its limits.

As far as my age,  I feel like I'm in my twenties, until I recall the things I was doing physically then- dancing 8 hours a day between classes, rehearsals and performing- thirties may be more accurate, during which time I was climbing mountains, keeping up with two young children and helping with a family brewery in the Wallowas. I've been doing yoga for over 20 years now.

Very soon, I began to feel the changes people talked about. My body felt centered and supple. The third session brought a breakthrough. I had always believed I had one leg longer than the other, accepting it as a fact of my body and my life. In my third Rolfing session, though, my pelvis regained a balance that changed that belief.

The permanent transformation in my body has been extraordinary. I no longer feel pain down my right leg after driving for several hours. I have enormous energy. Now past my fifty-fifth birthday, I feel well younger than my years.

My experience inspired me to become a Rolfer™ myself. When I returned to Portland after living for more than a decade in Eastern Oregon, I founded Rose City Rolfing to share this transformative bodywork.

The important thing to know about Rolfing it that it is not a passive form of therapy: You will be an active participant in this exceptional process. Together, we will work to explore patterns of movement, how we sit, stand, and move through space.

Contact Rose City Rolfing to schedule an appointment that I sincerely believe will change your life for the better. Explore your options with me!

Continuing Education: 

  • Barral Visceral Manipulation 1 & 2 with Peter Coppola, PT 2018

  • Joint Restriction in SI Cervical, Rib Cage and Shoulder Algorithms with John deMahy RN., DOMPT 2018

  • Rolf Movement with Kevin Frank and Caryn McHose 2017

  • Joint Restriction in Structural Integration Lumbar/Pelvic Region with John deMahy RN 2017

  • Kinesio Taping K1 & K2 2016

  • The Female Pelvis with Mary Bond and Carl Agneessens 2016

  • Upper Extremities with Ron Murray D.O. 2015

  • Anterior Neck and Cranial Base with Ron Murray D.O. 2014

  • Introduction to Bowen Work, 2013

  • Diaphragm / Rib Workshop with Ron Murray D.O., 2013

  • Berry Technique with Ron Murray D.O., Knees & Ankles 2011

  • Pelvis Workshop with Ron Murray D.O. 2010

  • Visceral Manipulation, I, 2010

  • Neural Mobilization I & II, 2009-10


Credentials and Certifications

  • BA French 1989 Portland State University

  • Certified Rolfer™, Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration, 2007

  • Licensed Massage Therapist #15169, State of Oregon, 2008

  • Nationally Certified, 2008