How is the tone in YOUR pelvic floor?

Most people are familiar with Kegel exercises. Now let's take them to a whole new level.

I recently attended a 6-day workshop on THE FEMALE PELVIS that rocked my pelvis! Literally. The workshop was led by two of the leading women in the Rolfing community, Mary Bond and Carol Agneessens. We were a group of 22 women and, I'll guarantee you that what we learned will keep us out of Depends as we inevitably age.

This work of toning the muscles of the pelvic floor is important, not just for women who have birthed children, had abdominal surgery, or trauma but for men's prostate health as well.

Everyone can benefit from increased tone in the pelvis! I have only been practicing these exercises for about a month now and already see results. I can sneeze with confidence. 

We learned how to isolate the different muscles of the pelvic floor, how to activate as well as release, or relax these muscles, not only to gain awareness but better control. 

"The Female Pelvis- anatomy and exercises" by Blandine Calais-Germain is a great resource to begin you pelvic journey. Your trampoline jumping days are not over!