Challenges and Self Care

"If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you."For the times, they are a changing! I think many of us are feeling challenged these days. There's uncertainty and downright fear. It seems difficult to continue on our paths some days. 

I don't offer gift certificates to people who want to "gift" this work to a friend or family member and here's why. Rolfing can be life altering and not everyone is ready for the change it may bring about. It's a personal choice. It will challenge you to pay attention to yourself, to notice subtlety and may even lead to life altering decisions. 

In my Unit III at the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration we were in the final phase of our basic training. We were taking outside "clients" through the 10-series. One of my fellow student's client was a man whose wife had signed him up to receive the work. After the 3rd session he not only left her, he left town. I'm not sure what his experience was exactly, but the work seemed to be a catalyst of change for him.

My greatest challenge in this ever changing world is to stay grounded. In times of struggle, reminding ourselves to breathe, to notice our feet on the ground and all the space around us can help to keep us calm and connected to this earth. A soak in a warm epsom salt bath is also a nice choice as our winter settles in. Be kind to yourself. Do yoga. Stress less.

I like to think that I'm helping to make the world a better place one Rolfed body at a time.