10-Series Practice in Life

Each session of the 10-series has a focus. Even if you haven't been through the series, here are some suggestions of how to bring these area of focus into your daily life. 

*Take time to pause and breathe deeply(session1-breath)

*Ground yourself by walking barefoot on the earth. I know it's cold but do it anyway. :) Our bodies store static energy which is released when we practice this! Otherwise, wear comfortable shoes. (session2-support)

*Think about your back body- especially the space behind your head and tail bone. Notice the relationship of your head to your spine with this awareness. (session3-front/back balance)

*Engage the muscles of your pelvic floor. (session4-inside line of legs/pelvic floor) If you're not sure what I mean by that, think refined Kegel. Be sure to spend an equal amount of time releasing the contracted muscles. I offer classes by arraignment on this important area.

*Eat simple, nourishing food. Activate your deepest abdominal muscle the transversus abdominis, or "corset muscle" everyday to help with low-back and internal organ health. (session5-abdomen/psoas)

*Don't sit for long periods of time. Get up and fold forward to stretch hamstrings and back body. Take the spine into extension-supported backbend over an exercise ball. (session6-back body, sacrum )

*Relax your mind and your eyes. Try not to stare at a screen, (like I'm doing right now) for too long. Meditate with palms of hands over closed eyes for several minutes. (session7-neck/head)

*Walk, hike, cycle, swim, do yoga or however you like to move your body. Spend time in nature. "Motion is lotion."(sessions 8,9 & 10-integrative)

May 2019 bring well-being, joy and ease to your life!