Women's Pelvis Class

I wrote a blog about tone in your pelvic floor after the workshop I attended a year and a half ago. (see below) Now, after personally experiencing the benefits from applying the techniques I learned, I'm offering a class to share this often neglected, yet very important work.

The class will focus on the anatomy of the pelvis- its bony structure, as well as the muscles that make up the floor of the pelvis. I like to think of it as integrity from the inside out.

I've had female clients in the past whose pelvis would not stay balanced. Something continued to pull it back to an unbalanced state. My story is similar. Though my Rolfer was able to balance my pelvis early in my 10-series, something shifted it back. It wasn't until I began to consider the muscles of the pelvic floor and learned to develop correct tone, did my pelvis gain stability.

This is great for everyone, including men (think prostate health). I'm offering it first as women only classes, however. Since many of us have been through pregnancy, child birth and even trauma as relates to this area of our bodies, to regain control, sensation and ease is a powerful thing. 

For the details please go to my Rose City Rolfing Facebook page, or click on the "Schedule Now" button on my contact page of this website which takes you to my calendar, or you can contact me directly.  

I look forward to sharing with you what helped me sneeze without needing to cross my legs.