What a world we live in! When I think of how the world has changed in the past 100 years, what it was like in the year 1919, I’m blown away. Change is certain and seems to be happening at an exponential rate. It can be overwhelming!

As we enter the New Year we often reflect on the past year and may make plans for this one with renewed hope or, let’s be honest, struggle to find happiness amid feelings of hopelessness. Life is hard!

One of my teachers in a workshop spoke about what he felt was most important as far as goals with his patients. He’s an osteopath. He doesn’t worry about balance in structure as we are not symmetrical beings and needn’t strive towards an impossible ideal. The question he asks is “Are they adaptable?”



*able to adjust to new conditions

synonyms flexible, versatile, cooperative, accommodating, amenable

*able to be modified for a new use or purpose

As a Rolfer, I help “bodies” find better balance, ease in function and the ability to perform at the best possible level, which is different for everyone. Humans are complicated creatures. Does an adaptable body mean an adaptable human? What does it mean to be adaptable? And what happens when we fail?

Another teacher of mine often reminds us, as we come to our mats, “to welcome all parts of ourselves to the table”. We will make mistakes. Then we have a choice. Give up or go on. We’ll never reach perfection but we can become more adaptable. We heal. We are hard wired to problem solve. It’s about survival.

So, as the world seems to falling apart one day and the next day the sunrise takes your breath away. just inhale deeply and be grateful for another day.