Spring Hopes Eternally

The life force, that is nature itself, is an inspiration that reminds us every year to be hopeful and to continue on.

Winter is a time for introspection, for moving inward not only physically but emotionally as well. I notice this in my own life at any rate. And then, Spring erupts with new life as bulbs emerge, birds twitterpate (not an actual word) and people in Oregon smile more, as we witness the sun’s increasing brilliance and the days lengthening.

Hope. Life is going on around us. We’re still here.

Some of you know my story. For those who don’t, I will share it now. Part of it at least.

When we were living in eastern Oregon starting a brewery and raising our two daughters, we experienced disaster. We lost our eldest in a rafting accident on the Imnaha River on Memorial Day. It will be 19 years ago this May.

We see tragedy in the news on a daily basis. We can sometimes feel numbed or desensitized by it. When it happens on a personal level it then becomes very real. After years of grief and many springs that somehow weren’t enough to give me the hope I needed to go on, were even a reminder of her death, I found hope in my surviving daughter and in something that got me passionate again about life. Rolfing.

When I say Rolfing changed my life I often think it more accurate to say it saved my life. It gave me renewed focus and something to inspire me. This work continues to inspire me as I explore my own embodiment while bearing witness to that of my clients. It has brought me to a new decade of self. I’m still here.

I recently attended an Alexander Technique workshop on the Sacred Geometry of the Body. I have had 6 lessons with Linda K. Johnson (fellow dancer) and have been fascinated by our relationships to self. This somatic work is, for me, the missing link. The subtle relationship of our skull to our first vertebra and our torso to our legs has changed how I stand and walk; how I AM in my body. How we move and stand/sit, our posture is learned and can be changed with awareness and practice. It has helped me feel more at ease and, at times, almost as though I’m able to defy gravity. No, I haven’t levitated yet but hey, everything is possible.

As I continue to deepen my practice, my self-awareness and curiosity as to what is possible I hope you find similarly something that inspires and helps you find meaning in this thing we call LIFE.

Plant your garden, my friends, and watch it grow!